Our Counselors

Our 13 licensed counselors help couples, families, and individuals ages 3 and up work through life’s challenges and embark on journeys of personal growth.

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Caroline Baizan
Caroline BaizanEd.D, LPC, LSSP
Lizzy Bowen
Lizzy BowenMA, LCSW
Madison Bradley
Madison BradleyMA, LPC
Joy Chen
Joy ChenLPC-Associate*
Janet Crow
Janet CrowMA, LPC
Jason Duenas
Jason Duenas MA, LPC-S, MAC
April Henderson
April Henderson M.A., LPC
Janie LaQue
Janie LaQuePh.D., LMFT-S, LMSW, LCDC
David Lara, MA, LPC Associate*
David Lara, MA, LPC Associate*
Becky Lee, LPC
Becky Lee, LPC
Tracy K. Lehman, LMFT
Tracy K. Lehman, LMFTOutreach Counselor
McKenzie Palmer
McKenzie Palmer M.Ed, LPC
Donyé Smith
Donyé SmithMEd, LPC Associate*
Heather Timmis, M.A., LMFT-S
Heather Timmis, M.A., LMFT-SClinical Director & Counselor