Phase II Re-Opening: updated 6/22/2020

From Our Directors

The Nick Finnegan Counseling Center is dedicated to supporting the Houston community by providing high quality, affordable and accessible counseling services. Mental health care is even more critical during a time of disaster, so we have instituted changes to our in-person counseling sessions to ensure our clients continue to receive the high-quality mental health counseling they expect from NFCC.

As of June 1st, NFCC is transitioning to Phase II of reopening and offering a limited number of in-person sessions while continuing to provide services via telehealth. To learn more about availability

of in-person sessions, please call our office – 713-402-5046. To best support the health of staff and visitors who visit NFCC in-person:

  • Only individuals with an appointment may enter the building; minors may be accompanied by 1 adult
  • All visitors and staff must wash hands upon entering the building
  • All visitors and staff must practice social distancing and only therapy rooms that allow for appropriate social distancing will be utilized
  • Staff and visitors are required to wear masks at all times
  • Visitors are required to sign a Waiver of Liability prior to their first appointment in person
  • Common areas and items touched by staff and/or visitors will be regularly cleaned between appointments
  • Anyone with fever, potential exposure to or symptoms of COVID-19 cannot enter the building

It is times like these that NFCC’s three payment options are so important for our community because we will never turn anyone away due to financial crisis. NFCC is unique in that we offer a private pay rate of $95, insurance, and a reduced-fee sliding scale. Our clients will always receive high quality care regardless of their method of payment. Our 12 counselors are excellent and sought out, and NFCC is thankful to employ them. We recognize that our counselors are vital to the future success of NFCC. We are incredibly thankful for the support of donors, foundations, clients and the community, and we will continue to serve as a resource for Houstonians.

In the coming weeks, we will be updating our website and social media with mental health resources intended to help our community cope with the various challenges brought about by COVID-19. We hope the information will be useful to you and your family, and we encourage you to share it with anyone you know who may find it beneficial. To learn more about our telehealth counseling options or to see other resources regarding mental health care during COVID-19, please check out our resource page and follow us on Instagram and Facebook @nickfinncousel.

It is our hope that you and those you care about stay safe and healthy during this time. Please call our main line at 713-402-5046 if we can help in any way.


Mary Elizabeth Hand & Audrey Omenson
Executive Director & Clinical Director

Our Mission

Nick Finnegan Counseling Center

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to anyone regardless of differences

such as age, finances or beliefs.

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The community’s generosity is what enables us to continue furthering our mission, and we depend on generous donors to make our work possible. The Because Counseling Matters Fund was created in 2019 to help expand our reach in the community and ensure the accessibility and affordability of quality counseling.

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