Our Mission

Nick Finnegan Counseling Center

strives to provide affordable

and accessible counseling services

to anyone regardless of differences

such as age, finances or beliefs.

Celebrate our 15th Anniversary with us by watching our annual video!

Thank You!

Wow! We are overwhelmed with gratitude by the number of supporters and amount raised at our 2023 Tree of Life Gala,  chaired by Carla and Cole Dawson & Clare and Scooter Smith.

This year’s event honored NFCC’s Executive Director, Mary Elizabeth Hand, who has been a part of the counseling center since 2013 and is a childhood friend of the center’s namesake, Nick Finnegan. Nick’s parents, Susan and Bill Finnegan had the honor of bestowing the 2023 Angels Among Us Award to Mary Elizabeth with Susan saying,

“She walks around making the counseling center comfy and cozy because she wants it to feel like home for the clients and her staff; not to mention the amazing work she does. We are just so in awe. She was hand-picked by God, no question about it and to watch her do her thing is amazing.”

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Season 3 of NFCC’s Guide Through the Seasons of Mental Wellness is all about healing. Join our new host and Outreach Counselor, Anna Crain, as she explores the various things we heal from throughout our diverse lifetimes. Don’t forget Seasons 1 & 2 both have timeless information that you’ll want want to share with family and friends. New episodes drop each Friday!

Just search “NFCC’s Guide…” in the app of your choice or click one of the links below.  Happy Listening!

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When you support the Because Counseling Matters Fund, you are helping provide affordable and accessible counseling and outreach for the Houston community. The generosity of our donors and supporters is vital as we work to remove as many barriers to care as we can along the way.

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About Us

Est. 2008

Since March of 2008, NFCC has grown from one staff member providing counseling referrals to a sought after counseling center that experiences more growth, each year.

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