Because Counseling Matters Annual Fund

The Because Counseling Matters Fund is the core of philanthropy at NFCC and we hope you will choose to make a gift this year. Your gift enables us to continue to provide affordable and high-quality counseling services and grow our outreach program to serve even more people in our beloved city.

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15th Anniversary Video

Watch to learn more about the important work that NFCC is doing in the Houston area.

Thank you to our 2023 supporters

Jennie Adams
Lorene Agather
Jane Ainsworth
Morgan Haenchen and Keller Akin
Jon Albrecht
Ashley Alexander
Nancy Allen / The Green Tree Fund
Ann and James Allison
AMR Family Foundation
Dudley Anderson
Ashley and Alan Appling
Isabelle Asakura
Sophie Asakura
Scott J. Atlas
McKenzie and Patrick Atwood
Melanie and Mitchell Baldridge
Lea Ann Banks
Elise Banks
Susan Barthelme
Morgan Behrens
Scott Belsky
Martha and Ray Benestante
Deidre Bergeron
Hadley and Johnny Black
Corbin Blackford
Ashley Blakely
Meredith Blencoe
Natalie Boenker
Katy Boettcher
Nicole Bohlen
Emily and Don Bolin
Jane Bonham
Jennifer Bowen
Barbara and Walt Bozeman
Jill and Randall Brlansky
Michelle E Burdin
Katy Burton
Carrie Cameron
Chase Canfield
Timothy Cavell
Areej Chabokrow
Debbie Chang
Michelle Chen
Amy Clancy
Katherine and Kevin Clegg
Betsy Clemons
Paul and Jackie Clote
Kim Cochran
Carolyn Cogbill
Vivian and Chip Colvill
Kelty and Rogers Crain
James Culbert
Natalie Dang
Jennie Dao
Reema Delgado
Anna DeLuca
Zach Dickson
Hoang Doan
Jan and Billy Doherty
Trice and Richard Domercq
Deborah and Bryan Domning
Gini Dube
Thuan Duong
Nancy Duong
Jessica Duong
Sara Eggleston
Virginia Elkins
Elva J Johnston Foundation
Gwen and Ken Ennis
Jessie and Mark Ernster
Mary Ernster
Joel and Jan Ernster
Kaylei Ernster
Greg Ernster
Paul Ernster
Diego Estrada
Bailey and Alex Evans
Ace Factor
Tim Fahrenreich
Susan and Gary Farmer
Sue and John Farrell
Margo Fendrich
Tiffany Feng
Kevin Feng
Carl Ferguson
Susan and Bill Finnegan
Emma Fisher
Stephanie Fox
Frost Bank
Cara Garlow
Valerie Garris
Cameron Giammalva
Karen and Tom Graves
Jen and Paul Gregory
Eve Grubb
Ashley Guillory
Caren and Bill Hamilton
Mary Elizabeth and Robert Hand
Julia and Dalton Harris
Georga Harrison
Abby and Andrew Hartman

Kay and David Hedges
Becky Helms
Mary and Jim Henderson
Cathy Lynn Henley
Paul Herman
Madeleine and Joe Herman
Lee and Lisa Herman
Hobby Family Foundation
Becky and Mark Hobson
Courtney Hoffman
Pamela Horton
Houston Sports Connection
Phyllis and Bill Huggins
Dianne Hunt
D’Hania Hunt
Hannah Hunt
Hunter Family Charitable Foundation
Matthew Hussey
Melissa Ibarra
Kaki Irving
Haley Ivie
Jack and Annis Bowen Foundation
Lauren Jackel
Robert Jelinek
Tammy and Steve Jenkins
Jennifer Jeon
Jill and Dunham Jewett
Lisa Jiang
Jackie and Mike Johnson
Margaret Johnson
Meghan Johnson
Socorro and Dave Jones
Lisa Joubert
Dave Joyce
Varun Juloori
Sydney and John Kerns
Alyssa Ketner
Michelle and Tom King
Carol and Chuck Kingswell-Smith
Lynsey Kirkenir
Claire Koch
Alicia Kuhn
Sanket Kumar
Christiane Lam
Eleanor Langston
Darla Lapeyre
David Lara
Thomas Le
Jacqueline Lee
Leiss Family Fund
Emily and Justin Leitch
Jennifer Loftus
Erin Lorenz
Jah Lowery
Carly and Anthony Lukefahr
Molly Lush
Yen Ly
Amy Anne Lyus
Elizabeth Lyvers
Katy Macalla
Margaret and Jay Magness
Angela Malveaux
Jan Manansala
Nina Masterson
Sharon and Gregory Mathews
Meghan McAfee
Jane McAfee
Janet McAlee
Dorothy McCaine
Eleanor and Steve McCarthy
Karen McConnell
Katherine McCord
Natalie Mckeough
Jill and Gordon Meltzer
Cassie Miao
Patti and Johnny Michalek
Maddy Moffitt
Ellen Moffitt
Colleen Mohnkern
Allison Monroe
Suzanne Montague
Jourdan Moore
Kate Moss
Jonathan Myers
Kaitlin Necas
Liz Ngo
David Nguyen
Mindy Nguyen
Karen Nguyen
Le Thu Nguyen
Kathleen Nguyen
Jenny Nguyen
Jill Nicholson
Logan Niebur
Karen and Bobbitt Noel, Jr.
Angel Ojeda
Vivie and Chris O’Sullivan
Celia Pate
Bain Pearson
Suzy and Gene Peeples
Oliver Peng

Angela Peralta
Meredith and Matt Perkins
Dawn Perotti
Brette Peyton
Meredith-Leigh Pleasants
Stephen Popp
Shayna and Ben Proler
Susana Purin
Janie and Frank Putman
Aimee Putnam
Brian Riley
Carla and Kevin Roberts
Kirsten Robinson
Amy and Chase Robison
Haley Roff
Hallie Ross
Kathy and Walter Rowan
Julie and Tim Samson
Susan Samuelson
Caitlin and Jonathan Sanders
Concetta Scerbo
Madison Schaffer
Allison Schaffer
Mack Schaffer
Elizabeth and Adam Schiffer
Barbara and Norman Schneidler
Pete Seale
Cecilia Shaw
Alyssa Sherrill
Jessica Shim
Michelle and Scott Shonbeck
Mary Sims
Clare and Scooter Smith
Stephen Smith
Marianne Smith
Donye Smith
John Socha
Susan and Steve Solcher
Bryan and Callie Ann Stahl
Mollie Steele
Beth Stephenson
Katherine Stevens
Jamie Stevens
Natalie Stewart
Demi Stillinger
Melinda and Sam Stubbs
Nikki Suarez
Miel Sundararajan
Charles and Jane Szalkowski
Jane and Charles Szalkowski
T.L.L. Temple Foundation
Emma and Zack Taylor
Ellen Thanheiser
The Eddy Knight Family Foundation
The Sydnor and Olga Oden Foundation
Madeline Thomas
James Timmins
Alice Timmins
Tim Timmis
Mindy Tofsky
Colette Torees
Hannah Tosch
Anatole and Sherie Trakhtenbroit
Meagan Trampe
Luyen Tran
Tim Tran
Nancy Trice
Kristina Truong
Quinny Truong
Helen and Philip Tschoepe
Cheryl and Brian Tucker
Emily Utz
Claire and Ian Virga
Mary Vo
Christie Vu
Isabel Wagers
Shannon and Austin Waiter
Mary and Temple Webber
Barbara Webber
Lesley Welch
Jennifer Welch
Taylor Welch
Jennifer and Michael Welch
Willard and Ruth Johnson Charitable Foundation
Susan and Bryan Williamson
Carla Wilson
Allison Wilson
Jenny Winters
Bobbie Wisecup
Christian Woo
Casey and Austin Woo
Lauren Woo
Nancy and Don Woo
Michelle and Glenn Woo
Linda Woo
Lauren Woo
Gail Wood
Willie Wood
Hannah and Richard Wynne
Toon Yamvarakulchai
Linda Zang
Nancy and Robert Zimmerman
Rebecca and John Zivley