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The Because Counseling Matters Annual Fund provides essential support for Nick Finnegan Counseling Center. Donations to this fund help us reduce the stigma of mental health counseling and guarantee that counseling services, outreach programs, professional trainings, and support groups are affordable and easily accessible.

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Thank you to our 2021 supporters

Ann and Jay Allison

Dudley Anderson

Carrie Atmar

Betsy and Danny Austin

Elise Banks

Bette Benton

Julia Bland

Jennifer Bowen

Meghan Brown

Virginia Brown

Robin Chiswell

Paul Clote

Paul Clote

Vivian and Chip Colvill

Vicki and John Crum

Mary Katherine and Jim Cummins

Carol and Brad Deason

Nancy and Cardon Gerner

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Amy and Todd Mueller

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Karen and Bobbitt Noel

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Julie and Leon Payne

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Stephen Popp

Janie Putman

Peggy and John Rathmell

Kathryn and Claud Riddles

Katharine Rider

Donna Sample

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Barbara Schneidler

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Michelle Shonbeck

Clark and Barbara Smith

Donye Smith

Amie and Jeff Springmeyer

T.L.L. Temple Foundation

Bill and Susan Thacker

Helen and Philip Tschoepe

Garhett Wagers

Lisa Weaver

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Elizabeth Webster

Camille and Mark Weisberger

Matt Weisberger

Jennifer and Michael Welch

Barbara Wisecup

Michelle Woo

Lin Woo

Austin Woo

Christian Woo

Nancy and Don Woo

William Wood

Wendy and Loyd Wright

Kathleen and Jeff Zinn

2020 supporters

Dudley Anderson
James Arcidiacono
Janet Bates
Ricky Behrend
Julie and James Blackwell
Kirk and Leonora Breitenwischer
Lauren and John Brollier
Janet Crow
Vicki and John Crum
Leah Dagher
Susan and Van Demetriades
Deborah and Bryan Domning
Jason Duenas
Dr. Frank and Sara Eggleston
Jenny Elkins
Alex Gallagher
Nena Hand and Vincent Defoy
Robert Hemphill
William Henderson
Mary and Jim Henderson

Madeleine and Joe Herman
Lauren and Bryce Huschka
Robert Jelinek
Socorro and Dave Jones
Betsy Jones
Socorro and Dave Jones
Andrea Jordan
Telina Lee
Paul and Tracy Lehman
Michael Lesher
Clay Lindberg
Klinka and John Lollar
Dorothy McCaine
Jody and Robert McFadden
Tracy and Cass McKenzie
Scott and Anna McLean
Amy and Todd Mueller
Karen and Bobbitt Noel
Julie and Leon Payne
Kathryn and Claud Riddles

Barbara Schneidler
Mary and Lance Schuler
Ed and Babs Smith
Donye Smith
Susan and Tommy Stone
T.L.L. Temple Foundation
Patrick Tennant
Susan and Bill Thacker
Cindy and Jim Thorp
Christine and David Underwood
Garhett Wagers
Robert Waller, Jr.
Lisa Weaver
Michael and Jennifer Welch
Barbara Wisecup
Laurie Wood
Wendy and Loyd Wright
Elizabeth Yow