The Because Counseling Matters Annual Fund provides essential support for Nick Finnegan Counseling Center and our mission to provide affordable and accessible counseling services to anyone regardless of differences such as age, finance or beliefs.

The generosity of our friends and donors helps advocate for mental health counseling and funds Nick Finnegan Counseling Center’s ability to provide:

  • Over 7,400 in-house counseling sessions to more than 900 clients in 2019
  • Community outreach talks on topics including life’s transitions, teens and vaping, grief, boundaries and self-care, trauma, and parenting skills
  • Support groups free of charge, such as a Survivors of Suicide group for individuals who have lost a friend of loved one to suicide.

An investment in the Because Counseling Matters Annual Fund is an investment in the health and mental well-being of the Houston community today and into the future. A gift of any size goes a long way in advocating for mental health care. We are grateful for your support and help in making sure that everyone can access quality mental health care, because counseling matters.

Questions? Contact Lauren Huschka at 713-402-5119.

Thank you to our 2019 supporters

Martha and Sidney Adger
James Arcidiacono
Patty and Craig Biggio
Robert and Louise Bland
Sarah Bottomley
Jennifer Bowen
Tricia and Ed Britt
John Brollier
Charlie and Evans Christ
Mary and Tony Corbett
Catherine and Edward Crain
Mary Ann Detmering
Sara Dodd
Kelly Duenner
Bill Earle
Tyler and Kylie Early
Randall Fairfax
Susan and Gary Farmer
Stella and Michael Fitzgibbons
Alex Gallagher
Robert Glauser

Kari and Todd Greenwalt
David and Renee Hall
Kathy and Robin Harrison
Robert Hemphill
Madeleine and Joe Herman
Lee and Lisa Herman
Hines Interest Limited Partnership
Hobby Family Foundation
Becky and Mark Hobson
Lauren Huschka
Jenny and Jim Elkins Family Fund
Jill and Dunham Jewett
Kim Leach
Klinka Lollar
David Mafrige
Sharon and Greg Mathews
Onalee McEwen
Robert and Jody McFadden
Melanie and Mace Meeks
Suzanne Montague
Amy and Todd Mueller

Janie and Frank Putman
Katherine Rider
Julie and Tim Samson
Elizabeth and Adam Schiffer
Barbara Schneidler
Pam and Bill Sengelmann
Michelle and Scott Shonbeck
Claire and Scooter Smith
Julie and Michael Swidler
Nancy C. Allen The GreenTree Fund
Hallie and Matt Thompson
Alice Timmins
Temple Webber TLL Temple Foundation
JoLynn and Keller Towns
Lisa Weaver
Temple Webber
David and Janna Webber
Jennifer and Michael Welch
Barbara Wisecup
Robbie Wright
Marcie Zlotnik