Mary Elizabeth Hand became Executive Director of the Nick Finnegan Counseling Center (NFCC) in 2015. In addition to managing the daily operations of the counseling center, she also oversees the event planning, grant writing, annual fund and donor relations, as the Development Director. Mary Elizabeth currently serves as a member of the NFCC Advisory Board. As a childhood friend of Nick Finnegan, Mary Elizabeth is passionate about NFCC’s mission and helping spread awareness about its services and outreach programs. Before NFCC, she was a Child Life Specialist at Texas Children’s Hospital for five years; a career that was inspired by the loss of her dear friend, Nick. Her desire to make high quality counseling accessible and affordable, while honoring Nick, inspires her work at the counseling center.

If you are interested in learning more about our programs or how you can be involved, email Mary Elizabeth at, she would love to meet you!