2019 Donors

We are extremely grateful for the support of our donors.  Their investment is what enables us to continue offering high quality, affordable and accessible counseling services and outreach programs to our Houston community!

Melinda and Joe Abell
Mason Abide
Sue and Barry Abrams
Martha and Sidney Adger
Sallie and George Alcorn
Edward and Chinhui Juhn Allen
Nancy Allen
Peter Allen
Jay Allison
Hilary Amburgey
Amegy Bank
Dudley Anderson
Linda Anderson
Lesley Arbuckle
James Arcidiacono
Joey Arcidiacono
Mary Beth and Johnny Arcidiacono
Telina and Michael Armstrong
Beverly Arnold
Davis Atkins
Carrie Atmar
Patrick Atwood
Charles Austin
Danny and Betsy Austin
Lynda Aycock
Mary and Richard Babaian
Sandy and Jack Baber
Marci and Bill Bahr
Caroline and Doug Bailey
Reagan and Jim Bailey
Diana Ball
Les Ballard
Nick Barham
Janet Bates
Ellen Baumgardner Harris
Nancy and David Beck
Ricky and Rene Behrend
Benchmark Bank
Martha and Ray Benestante
Kim and Doug Bergen
Andi and Stephen Berkman
Liz and Greg Bernica
Patty and Craig Biggio
James Blackwell
Rosanna and Myron Blalock
Gena and Ken Blanchard
Robert and Louise Bland
Cullum Bolin
Clara and Shed Boren
Sarah Bottomley

Fielding Cocke
Harrison Collie
Melissa and Key Collie
Luke Cone
Jeanie and Jim Connell
Susan Cooley
Mary and Tony Corbett
Mo Cordes
Barbara Cox
Catherine and Edward Crain
Kelty and Rogers Crain
Mary and Walter Crain
Davis Crosswell
Emily and Holcombe Crosswell
Julie and Markley Crosswell
Janet Crow
Meredith and Carter Crow
John and Vicki Crum
Cullen Trust for Healthcare
Jim and Ellen Cummins
James and Diane D’Agostino
Victoria and Mitchell Dan
Monica Danna
Eveleen Darby
Jon Daugherty
Briana Davis
Chad Davis
Jill Davis
Lesley Davis
Margaret and Warren Davis
Mark and Gayla Davis
Megan Davis
Pam and Terry Davis
Carla and Cole Dawson
Paula and Rock Dawson
Carol and Brad Deason
Dean Delery
Eleanor Delery
Molly and Ken Delery
Laura and Bill Denham
Kit and Carl Detering
Mary Ann and Tim Detmering
Matt Devine
Nick Dhesi
Mandeep Dhillon
Anthony Diaz
Jacel Dickson
Sara Dodd
Ann and Leslie Doggett
Chrissy and Mike Doherty

Julie and Casey Doherty
Lisa and David Doherty
Susan and Pat Doherty
Richard Domercq
Anna Domning
Tim Donahue
David and Donna Dozier
Debi and Bart Duckworth
Jason Duenas
Kelly Duenner
Marcy and Robert Duncan
Mariann and David Dunwoody
Bill Earle
Tyler and Kylie Early
Christy Echols
Hugh Echols
Sara and Frank Eggleston
Jane and Gus Eifler
Linda Elder
Jenny Elkins
Douglas Elliott
Dr. Cecilia Ethun
Mark Evans
Meg Falso
Susan and Gary Farmer
Madelyn and George Farris
Shawna Fatjo
Jim Faucett
Kerbey and Simon Feinsilver
Marcia and Michael Feldman
Janeen and Julian Fertitta
Susan and Bill Finnegan
Scotty Finnegan
Stella and Michael Fitzgibbons
Lauren Floyd
Ellen and Tommy Ford
Stuart Ford
Andy and Cheri Fossler
Blair and Jack Foster
Lisa and George Francisco
Cathy and Ed Frank
Frank Nelms Estate
Nan and Bob Franklin
Helen and Chuck Fraser
Melanie and David Frazier
Paul and Pam Frazier
Robin Fredrickson
Lloyd French
Theresa and Ray Frierson
Eleni and Thad Fuller

Van Fuller
Christan and Matt Fuqua
Blaine Gabrisch
Alex Gallagher
Connie and Larry Galloway
Andrew Galtney
Susanne Galtney
Richard Galvan
Julianne and J Gaut
Anite and Stuart Gaylor
George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation
Nancy and Cardon Gerner
Cameron Giammalva
Kate and Steve Gibson
Hayley Gift
Robert Glauser
Carroll Goodman
Marsha Goodman
Alice Goss
Audrey and David Gow
Beth and Kevin Grace
Vicki and Dana Grams
Suzanne and Danny Grant
Elizabeth and Walt Gray
Kari and Todd Greenwalt
Gerry Greer
Marc and Jolyn Greer
Monica Griffin
Veronica and John Griffin
Angie Grindon
Meredith and Andy Grisebaum
Grace Grundy
Ashley Guillory
Mark and Dorothy Hablinski
Phillip Hablinski
Herb Haggard
Joan and Don Haley
David and Renee Hall
Jared Hamilton
Stephanie and Mark Hamilton
Laura and David Hand
Mary Elizabeth Hand
Melissa Hand
Nina Hanks
Jennifer Harkins
Chris Harris
Kathy and Robin Harrison
Patti Hatton
Diana and Russell Hawkins
Jo Beth Hawkins

Mary and Bill Hayes
Katy and Clyde Hays
Caroline and Larry Heard
Moody Heard
Catherine and Clarke Heidrick
Alice and Randy Helms
Becky Helms
Patti and Richard Hemingway
Robert Hemphill
April Henderson
Bill Henderson
Jim Henderson
Sandy and Pat Hendon
Richardson Henry
Greg Henson
Lee and Lisa Herman
Madeleine and Joe Herman
Lorie and Steve Herod
Herzstein Foundation
Mary Martha and Patrick Hesseler
Isabella Hetherington
Charlotte and Patrick Hickey
Brenda and Patrick Hicks
Gayle and Richard Hightower
Brittany Hildebrand
Mindy and Jeff Hildebrand
Anna Beth and Doug Hill
Jeff Hines
Matthew Hines
Amy and Jim Hinson
Patty Hoban
Becky and Mark Hobson
Nicole and Jim Hogan
Beverly and Kevin Holcomb
Cindy and Harry Holmes
Bernice and Pat Houstoun
Angela Hsu
Phyllis and Bill Huggins
Kate Hughes
Ainsley Hughston
McKenzie Hull
Lauren Hummel
Thomas Hundertmark
Mary Kay and Thomas Hunt
Bryce and Lauren Huschka
Bill Hyslop
Jessica Inoff
Chris Jacobe
Samuel Jacobs
Gail and Ken Jacobson

Martha and Bruce Jamison
Tammy and Steve Jenkins
Jenny and Jim Elkins Family Fund
Karen and David Jewell
Jill and Dunham Jewett
John S. Dunn Foundation
Ann and Johnny Johnson
Brook Johnson
Chris Johnson
Christian Johnson
Eric Johnson
Kaitlyn Johnson
Kate and Houston Johnson
Martha Johnson
David Jones
Debbie and Frank Jones
Kim Jones
Patricia and David Jones
Andrea Jordan
Sue Jordan
Mary and Paul Jornayvaz
Susanna and George Kane
Walker Kane
Annie and Wayne Kansas
Vicki and Jim Keiser
Joel Kelley
Nancy and Jay Kelley
Linda Kelly
Mimi and Rob Kerr
Peggy and Leendert Keus
Renee Kight
Kandice Kirby
Amanda Kirkham
Carla Knobloch
Knox Charitable Foundation
Claire Koch
Jalna and Bill Kottwitz
Kathy and Bill Kottwitz
Daniel LaGree
Gina and Tommy Lamme
Maddox Lamme
Molly and Duncan Lamme
Austin Langley
Kyle Lanigan
Andrea Laporte
Virginia Lappin
Janie LaQue
David Lara
Latham & Watkins LLP
Alexa Leach

Kim Leach
Nelson LeBlanc
Jay Lee
Tracy Lehman
Ariel and Doreen Leibovitz
Debby Leighton
Kelly and David Leonard
Dana Lepow
Michael Lesher
Clay Lindberg
Peter Lippert
Abigail Livesay
Melissa Logan
Klinka Lollar
Jeffrey Lorch
Natalie Lowry
Matt Luna
Megan Luna
Debe and Jed Lykes
M.D. Anderson Foundation
Ashley MacDonald
Jim and Betty MacIntyre
Robert and Katherine Macintyre
Donna and Larry Maddox
David Mafrige
Bobby Magness
Josh Magness
Lisa and John Magness
Luke Maloy
Mary Lynn and Dave Mannon
Kay and Paul Mansfield
Tom and Susan Martin
Gabby Martinez
Sharon and Greg Mathews
Sally and Gaines Matthews
Joan and John Mauel
Mary Maxey
R D and Helen Maxson
Ava McBath
Dorothy McCaine
Judy Ann and Jimmy McCartney
Linda and Jim McCartney
McCartney Properties Inc.
Judy and Dan McClure
Mark McClure
Christiana and Luke McConn
Douglas McConn
Rachel and John Luke McConn
Jennifer McCormick
Gaye and Edward McCullough

Maggie McDaniel
John McDonald
Onalee McEwen
Jody and Robert McFadden
Susie and Skip McGee
Jennifer McIntyre
Tracy and Cass McKenzie
Catherine McMichael
Debi McNabb
Melanie and Mace Meeks
Tina Melo
Ben and Belinda Melson
Abby Mercado
Susan Miclette
Carson Miller
Catherine and Bill Miller
Evans Miller
Mark and Mary Ann Miller
Susan and Ted Miller
Bryan Mills
Lauren and Jordan Mintz
Chris and Mike Mizell
Matt Monigold
Suzanne Montague
Lynn and Dorrance Monteith
Jerri and James Moore
Betsy Moorehead
Jodi Morrill
Amy and Todd Mueller
Jill and B.J. Mulloy
William Murphy
Minnette Murray
Hance Myers
Mae Nasser
Betsy and Hunter Nelson
Cynthia and Robert Nelson
Emily Nelson
Tricia and Richard Nelson
David A. Nettles
Betty and Stephen Newton
Karen and Bobbitt Noel
Suzanne and Bill O’Donnell
Harrison Ohls
Audrey Omenson
Mary Orrison
Vivie and Chris O’Sullivan
Nancy and Stacy Owen
Catherine Ozdogan
Elizabeth Pagan
Hunter and McKenzie Palmer

Paul Palmer
Patricia Parkman
Rachel and Gregory Patrinely
Carroll and Jeff Patrizi
Kathryn Patterson
Camille and Grier Patton
Gayle Payne
Julie and Leon Payne
Karen and Mel Payne
Allyson and John Pellegrin
Jack Pellegrin
Jane Pendergraft
Julie and Jack Perry
Stephen Pflugfelder
Marilyn and Bruce Phillips
Elizabeth and Gregory Pipkin
Shelly Pisors
Hibba and Danny Pletcher
Jill and Robert Plumb
Emily and Mark Porter
Porter Hedges
Jerrie and Peter Powell
Cary and Andrew Pratka
Mimi and Charlie Prioleau
Janie and Frank Putman
Vicky Putnam
Michael Puzio
Summer Quinones
Fairfax Randall
Peggy and John Rathmell
Robert and Sarah Ray
Cliffe Reckling
Janelle and Greg Reid
Jeff Relf
Buffin and Rudy Reynolds
Anne and Chris Richardson
Kathryn and Claud Riddles
Katherine Rider
John Ridout
Liz and Robert Rigney
Bridget and Al Ritter
Carla Roberts
Cliff Roberts
Teresa Robertson
Larry Robinson
Peggy Roe
Hayden Rome
Caren and Darrell Rosenthal
Barbie and Bruce Ross
Margaret and Doug Rotan

Elizabeth and Ben Royce
Dede and Steven Russo
Ruth Jones MacDonald Charitable Trust
Joyce Salhoot
Donna Sample
Julie and Tim Samson
Kathy and Steve Sanders
Bill Saunders
Elizabeth and Adam Schiffer
Barbara Schneidler
Melissa and Doug Schnitzer
Jordan Schuler
Mary and Lance Schuler
Kathy and John Scott
Karen Selzer
Pam and Bill Sengelmann
Judy Seré
James and Mallory Shaddix
Beverly and Scott Shaeffer
Mary and Allen Shindler
Michelle and Scott Shonbeck
Chelsi and Jack Shoup
Hannah Siegel-Gardner
Deborah and Terry Simon
Debby Skogen
Claire and Scooter Smith
Ed Smith
Jerry and Judi Smith
Lynn and Mike Smith
Rader Smith
Terry and Tommy Smith
Lynette and Trey Snider
Ann and Kevin Snodgrass
Kellye Snodgrass
Susan Solcher
Leslie Sprague
Springmeyer Family Fund
St. John’s School
Bryan Stahl
Alex Stait
Elizabeth and Robert Stanley
Julie Stein
Brittany and Matt Steitz
Becky and Tracy Stephens
Melinda Stephenson
Sterling-Turner Foundation
Susan and Tommy Stone
Courtney and Dylan Stout
Barbara and Neil Stovall
Susie and Steve Streller

Mike Stroman
Studio 3 – The Salon
Julie and Michael Swidler
Michelle Synhorst
Jane and Charles Szalkowski
Judy and Charles Tate
Emma Taylor
Alexandra Tennant
Patrick Tennant
Katy Terrell
Texas Childrens Hospital
Bill Thacker
Giggy and Matt Thanheiser
Haley and Will Thanheiser
The Brown Foundation
The Catherine Terrell McCartney Foundation
The Dunlavy
The Edward and Helen Oppenheimer Foundation
The House at Pooh Corner
The Menil Foundation, Inc.
The Strake Foundation
The Sydnor and Olga Oden Foundation
The Vaughn Foundation
Hallie and Matt Thompson
Virginia Thompson
Anne Thomson
Frances and Jim Thomson
Cindy and Jim Thorp
Alice Timmins
Heather Timmis
TLL Temple Foundation
Susan Toomey
Layne Torsch
JoLynn and Keller Towns
Andrew Treleaven
Sam Tucker
Stephanie and Brad Tucker
David Tupper
Laura Turley
Diana Untermeyer
Pat and Bill Van Sweringen
Chris Vandevere
Celia and Larry Veselka
Angela Vincent
Vivian L. Smith Foundation
Jeffrey Vogler
Mary Jane and Bob Wakefield
James and Rhonda Ward
Mary Clare and Bob Ward
John Weathers

Leslye and David Weaver
Lisa Weaver
Jennifer Webb
David and Janna Webber
Temple Webber
Elizabeth Webster
Lorraine and Scott Wegmann
Matt Weisberger
Jennifer and Michael Welch
Kathryn Wesley
Sarah and Larry West
Mary Whaling
Laura and Bill Wheless
Bob and Mary Whilden
Alexa White
Sue White
Susan Whitfield
Dan Wilford
Leigh and Jeff Williams
Lucy Williams
Andrew Williamson
Susan and Bryan Williamson
Pamela Wilson
Taylor Wilson
Kenneth Wine
Marilyn and Chris Winters
Barbara Wisecup
Elizabeth Witner
Jack Womack
Robin and John Wombwell
Stewart Wombwell
Clint and Carol Wood
Laurie Wood
Sherri and Pat Wood
John Woodiel
Mark Woods

Melinda and Jimmy Wooten
Suzanne and Timm Wooten
Working Partner, LLC
Robbie Wright
Wendy and Loyd Wright
Stephen Yerkovich
Sherry Yingling
Catherine and Richard Zdunkewicz
David Zdunkewicz
Marcie Zlotnik
Marston Zmorzynski
Mam and Scott Zornes