Stephanie and Brad Tucker

Tell us your story… 

We have a soft place in our hearts for what counseling does to change a family. When our middle son, Frank, was two, we learned he had neurological special needs. We knew that Frank would have a lifetime of challenges. We were fortunate to have many great resources in Houston. As time went on though, things became more complicated for our family. We went to our minister for help and we also sought out family counseling. We were able to attend counseling as a couple and also get help for our sons individually and as a family. We have always believed that counseling can help you get through the most difficult things in your life and have always been open about that. Counseling helped us deal with a child who has special needs as well as parent our other two children. Frank is now 32 and thriving and we could not have gotten there emotionally as a family without our faith and counseling.

Why do you choose to support Nick Finnegan Counseling Center? 

We specifically support NFCC because of our relationship with the Finnegan’s. I [Stephanie] was in Bill’s homeroom growing up. We were heartbroken when Nick died. We watched from afar as friends, as their family grieved and then worked to heal after Nick’s death.  I don’t think you ever fully heal from a loss like that, but counseling is what helped their family be able to smile and enjoy life again and be strong together.  

Supporting NFCC helps all the other people who needed help like our family did, but normally would not be able to access it or afford it. 

As a long-time supporter of NFCC, you have seen the counseling center undergo exceptional growth. What do you hope to see NFCC accomplish in the next five years? 

We want to see NFCC’s counseling options grow with the needs of the community. NFCC is not just for grief counseling. Their counselors are able to address other needs but I want to make sure they continue to grow and offer what the community needs. We sought out family counseling and I have referred friends to NFCC who had needed different types of help. There are many different therapy needs out there. NFCC is off to a great start by offering family counseling, children’s sessions, grief counseling, and others, but continuing to listen to the community and adapting to provide what is needed is what I hope to see NFCC do. 

What do you do to take care of your own mental health? 

Our son, Frank, works as a day citizen at the Brookwood Community. We are very involved there, so we are constantly engaged in conversations surrounding mental health. For us, regular exercise, going to bible study, and keeping our family close is how we take care of our mental health. Frank is a gift to our family and to all who know him.