Julia Wood Harris

How did you first become involved with NFCC?

I lost my youngest brother to suicide almost 8 years ago. Going through that was obviously a really hard experience for our family. Finding some help in grief counseling was huge for me to continue to get my life going, and I know my entire family benefitted from counseling as well. Thomas was lucky he had a family that supported him and helped him find counseling when he needed it most. I truly believe medicine, counseling, and (most importantly) his friends kept him alive longer than we would have had him otherwise. That being said, not everyone is lucky enough to afford the care and treatment Thomas received.

Mental health awareness has always been near and dear to my heart and helping to spread that message is important to me. I decided to join NFCC’s advisory board because NFCC is incredible about doing that in Houston and the fact that they have made counseling affordable for everyone is really important to me.

Why is supporting affordable and accessible mental healthcare so important

It helps break the stigma about talking about mental health and counseling and helps bring accessibility to everyone regardless of what your income is.

What do you wish more people know about NFCC?

I wish more people knew that NFCC was here. I think we do an incredible job of marketing to the masses and to the church and to people who run in the social circles of those involved. But I think the more people that know about NFCC, the more people we are able to help. NFCC not only offers counseling services to those that can afford it but also to those that can’t I think people forget about mental health and counseling in general, its not just for those who have insurance or who can afford to pays the fees, NFCC makes it available to absolutely everyone regardless of your socio-economic status.

What is the most important thing NFCC offers its community?

I think the most important thing NFCC offers its community is an open door and accessibility to counseling for absolutely everyone.