Ellen and Dean Delery

As a new board member (Dean), what has surprised you most about working with NFCC?

Honestly, not much. I think the people involved are as quality as I imagined, and the dedication is as high as I imagined. It doesn’t surprise me because that is who the Finnegans are. NFCC met the high bar of expectations that I had going into it which is easy to take for granted but it shouldn’t be. Getting under the hood, it’s as good as it appears from the outside – and there aren’t many organizations that are as good as they appear from the outside as they are on the inside.

As a former chair and long-time supporters of our Crawfish Boil, tell us more about the event and why you keep attending.

It’s the quality of the community that NFCC brings together that keeps us attending year after year. We enjoy reconnecting with everyone and that event has become a family friendly event as the years have gone on! It is such a great cause and that’s why it brings out really good people. And of course, the crawfish and beer are always great too!

Why do you choose to support mental healthcare over other charities / needs out there?

We are constantly evaluating the charities we want to invest in and spend time with. The big reasons we choose to support mental healthcare and NFCC is because of the community, the cause, and the family behind it. Also, as parents, we are concerned about the impact that social media has on kids and their mental health. Understanding mental health through that lens is one of the reasons I wanted to get more involved and join the board. NFCC has become an avenue that is not just about personalized therapy, but also extending into the community proactively by providing mental health hot topic sessions.