Weekly Updates:

10/10 – Our new expanded lobby has been framed out.

10/1 – Phase 1 is complete and our administrative staff was able to move into their new offices, so Phase 2 could begin.

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About Our Expansion

NFCC has been utilizing every room of the counseling center, and our staff has been very flexible to allow for clients’ needs to come first. In 2017, both the Executive Director’s and the Clinical Director’s offices became dual functioning spaces when regular therapy rooms were fully booked — transitioning from office space to therapy room and back.

NFCC leadership and the building contractor have created a plan that will allow the counseling center to remain in business throughout the expansion. We estimate the project to be completed in the Fall of 2018. 
The estimated cost of our expansion project is $335,000 and we have already raised just over half of that amount. If you can help us meet our goal, please reach out!

This expansion will increase therapy space by creating new rooms, freeing up existing rooms to be used exclusively for therapy. Once the expansion is complete the multipurpose room and playroom will no longer be dual functioning rooms but fully dedicated therapy spaces totaling seven dedicated therapy rooms and four administrative offices. The four new administrative offices will have multiple benefits for NFCC’s productivity including their availability as therapy rooms during peak evening and weekend hours. Currently, the counselors do not have desk space at NFCC to write their case notes – the new workstations will allow them to now have dedicated space in between therapy sessions to write clinical case notes.

The expansion will be completed in two phases:

This expansion will allow us to continue to meet the growing demand for high-quality mental health counseling on our campus and to coordinate services for people in the community through the partnerships we have formed. At NFCC, we are passionate about listening to the needs of our community, responding to those needs in a meaningful and timely manner, and doing so in a way that removes barriers to high-quality mental health services in the Houston community.

To find out more about our expansion or to schedule a tour, please contact NFCC Executive Director,
Mary Elizabeth Hand at 713-402-5036 or email mhand@finnegancounseling.org