Crack ’em for a Cause

9th Annual Crawfish Boil

Another wonderful event with great weather! Our guests enjoyed crawfish from Chasin’ Tails Crawfish, while Double Vision jammed out in the background. Both children and adults enjoyed getting their faces painted and indulging in ice cream from the Dipped Cones Ice Cream Truck.

For the first time ever, this year’s Crack ’em for a Cause featured a raffle with great prizes that pushed us past our fundraising goal! Prizes included suite tickets to an Astros game, a painting by Ellen Schuster Art and tickets to the Shawn Mendes concert in July.

We’ll post pictures on Instagram and Facebook soon. Thanks to everyone who came out or supported from home!

Special thanks to this year’s Event Chairs:

Catherine & Daniel Plumlee, Maddison Britt,  McKenzie Britt,  Ellen Hughes & Dean Delery, Maddy Delery, Katie Samson,   Brittany & Matt Steitz, Courtney & Dylan Stout

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Thank you to our generous sponsors!