It’s not too late! Tickets can be purchased at the door: $55 for adults and $10 for kids ages 2-12.

We will have a few Chick-Fil-A kids meals available on a first-come, first-served basis for those purchasing tickets at the door. Once we run out, there will be plenty of Frito pies and delicious all-you-can-eat crawfish!

We look forward to our 2023 Crawfish Boil
on April 1, 2023 at Memorial Trail Ice House!

Thank you to our 2023 Event Chairs
Leanne and West Gotcher
Amanda and Ryan Savoie
& Leigh and Jeff Williams
for helping plan this year’s family friendly event!

2023 Host Committee

Megan and Huston Able

Bess Alford

Kathryn and Jimmy Bailey

Glyn and Matt Bock

Margaret and Matt Born

Jennifer Bowen

Terrell and Spencer Branch

Kathryn and Ced Burgher

Mary Caroline and Stewart Cartwright

Kelli and Jess Cole

Molly and Ken Delery

Ellen and Dean Delery

Anna and Matt DeLuca

Laurie and Scott Dorfman

Margaret and Jim Elkins

Kerbey and Simon Feinsilver

Anne and Evans Finger

Susan and Bill Finnegan

Scotty Finnegan

Tiffany and Taylor Galloway

Elizabeth and Ben Goetz

Julia and Dalton Harris

Madeleine and Joe Herman

Abby and Carter Holmes

Hilary and Greg Holmes

Megan and Will Holstien

D’Hania Hunt

Taylor and Jeff Jackson

Jennifer and Greg Kaldis

Meg and Preston Kamin

Riley and Beau Landry

Alexa Leach

Kelly and David Leonard

Lesley and Ryan Lewis

Margaret and Jay Magness

Rachel and John Luke McConn

Kari and Will McDaniel

Jennifer and Will Monteleone

Tricia and Richard Nelson

Sarah and Tim Neuhaus

Laura and Wesley Persia

Dawn and Mike Persia

Betsy and Joseph Presley

Kelsey and Clay Rynd

Allison and Mark Schaffer

Whitney and Joe Sharman

Taylor and Blake Shaver

Brittany and Matt Steitz

Becky and Tracy Stephens

Camille and Ryan Stuckey

Sophia and Eugene Terry

Ashlyn Thompson

Hallie and Matt Thompson

Frances and Jim Thomson

Maggie McDaniel and Tanner Welch

Mallory and Johnny Williams

Maddox and Chris Winters

Margaret and Stephen Yerkovich

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