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Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Our advisory board consists of members from a wide range of professions, life experiences and demographics. They volunteer their time and ideas to the growth of Nick Finnegan Counseling Center, and we are grateful for their dedication to our counseling center.

Alex Gallagher 
Advisory Board Chair

Mary Elizabeth Hand 
NFCC Executive Director

Audrey Omenson
NFCC Clinical Director

Mary Beth Arcidiacono
Brett Baucum
Andi Berkman
Gena Blanchard
Terrell Finnegan Branch
Dr. Linda Christians
Carla Dawson - Past Chair
Sara Eggleston
Susan Finnegan
Michael Gallagher
Todd Greenwalt
Joe  Herman
Houston Johnson
Dana Lepow
Christiana McConn
John Luke McConn
Robert McFadden
Tina Melo
Carroll Patrizi
Claud Riddles
Teresa Robertson
Frances Thomson
Dr. Jennifer Welch

John Bell
Title: Member
John Bell
Title: Member

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