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If holiday blues are too much to bear alone, talking to a counselor can help. The Nick Finnegan Counseling Center team has experience caring for children, teens and adults. Conversations are confidential.

‘Twas The Night Before Counseling

'twas the night before counseling, when all through my head
Thoughts were racing like a kid on a sled
The reds and the greens of the season were there
But for me, shades of blue popped up everywhere

My kids and our pets were all snug as a bug
I tossed and turned but only could shrug
Was it sorrow or grief? I couldn’t be sure
My one Christmas wish was to just find a cure

I’d heard someone say it: holiday blues
The source I didn’t know, so I looked for clues
Nothing on social media could I find
It’s like I had conjured it up in my mind

Only darkness outside with no clues in sight
If I was all alone then #goodnight
But I saw a glimmer. Was it hope or snow?
The source of my gloom, I simply did not know

The dampness on my heart I knew I could kick
Thanks Finnegan Counseling Center – that’s Nick
While I worried and wondered: what would they think?
Most important was change; I was on the brink

Happy to know that counselors don’t judge
I knew mine would be there to give me a nudge
Realizing that on my heart was a lesion
‘twas time to tackle my blues; ‘tis the season

Excited yet nervous I crawled back in bed
As visions of a new me danced in my head
Happy, I called in hopes of finding a fix


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